The Punjabian Queen Jeet Brar Has Entered To Miss Dream Girl

Jeet Brar is a 25-year-old girl from the state of five rivers i.e. Punjab Chandigarh self-fulfilling her passion on her own self-reliance Face of Jalandar who fulfilled her dream by working alone for 9 years.

She started her journey by doing ramp walk from 2014 and gradually her work gained momentum and being aware of art she got her first chance as Miss Jalandar and she won the pageant and hence the winner of 2015 is known as Miss Jalandar. At the same time, knowing the art of acting, she got a chance to act in  Punjabi song and she did her first song in 2017 in the Punjabi song Gungru.

Her good acting and beautiful modeling made her very popular and at the same time she got a chance to advertise a jewelery as a new opportunity in 2018. She was highly respected by her friends and with his support she got a chance to work in a dream girl project with Virus Wings, she honed her skills through many other ups and downs.

With the support and reference of her friend, she got a new opportunity in 2022 In it, she got a chance to become Miss Dream Girl 2022 with her great modeling skills.


Awakening Welcoming Our Punjabian Queen To Miss Dream Girl

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