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Sandip soparrkar Features On The Cover Of B’youtiful Magazine

Some people nurture their natural abilities to create power to become larger than life personalities, they scale heights that are previously unknown and seem impossible Sandip Soparrkar is one such human being who makes everyone believe that nothing is impossible – a genius of dance for whom sky is also not the limit. The Government of India has bestowed upon him 4 prestigious National awards – National Excellence Award (2016-17-18) and National Achievement Award (2014). The Germany trained ballroom dance teacher was the first indian to be certified by ballroom dance teacher training school in Boon, Germany. The international choreographer Studied Indian Mythology and Indian art, his love for Indian Myths is so deep that he is now soon coming up with a new dance drama based on life of Karna from the Mahabharata titled “Death Conqueror – Karna”.   Being on a magazine cover is a big honour in itself, it shows international dominance of the person on the cover. Sandip Soparrkar play “Death Conqueror- Karna” gets featured on the October issue cover of B’youtiful Magazine. B’youtiful is an exclusive fashion and lifestyle magazine that enriches ones knowledge on the scope of fashion and beauty and also expand horizons along with point of view on the necessary attention toward the art of beauty, world fashion and luxurious lifestyle. The cover picture was shot by Tanish Laxmi, creative supervision by Manoj Mauryaa and styled by Mehak Jain Bollywood Intentionally acclaimed Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar along publisher and Chief Editor of B’youtiful Magazine Ms. Nishrin Poonawala launched the sensational october cover of the B’youtiful Magzine at the colourful venue Taste of Punjab in India’s entertainment capital Mumbai. At the launch Sandip Soparrkar performed a short teaser of his upcoming theater show ‘Death Conqueror- Karna’ with the cast consisting of Kulvinder Baksshish, Ankita Dolawat and Deepak Somalkar. ‘Death Conqueror – Karna’ is an English adaptation of award winning writer Shivaji Savant’s famous marathi book ‘Mrityunjay’. This play directed by Kulvinder Baksshish attempts to narrate Karna’s untold and often ignored story. It emphasizes Karna’s magnaminity and his tragedy. In the process it deals with existential dilemmas and of the choices he made. This dance drama has a Great blend of indian folk and international dances Chhau, Thang ta, Kallaripayattu and classic ballroom dancing are the essence of the play. ——–Abhishek...
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CONSTRUCTIONS An Exhibition of Artworks

By Australian contemporary artist Lene Makwana. VENUE: Jehangir Art Gallery 161-B, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001 Timing: 11am to 7pm. An exhibition of Paintings series titled “CONSTRUCTIONS” by Australian contemporary artist Lene Makwana. This show has been inaugurated on Tuesday 13th Nov. 2018 by Mr. Christopher Ellinger, Australian Deputy Consul General, Mumbai in Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai . THE ARTIST Lene Makwana is a Perth, Western Australia based mixed media artist born in Norway. Her interest toward art started as a child and was fostered throughout her schooling. She has studied fine art and art history at Einar Granum School of Arts in Norway, Illustration at Kristiania University College in Oslo and has completed her BA Illustration Design from Curtin University in Perth. Leaving Norway, she took with her knowledge of Scandinavian design trends and its characteristic of clean lines and simple colour palettes, and currently works on international and global projects from her studio and gallery in Perth. Lene’s art is characterised by detailed patterns and tactile surfaces, and she has worked on art and design projects in Norway, India and Australia. Her architectural elements and pattern-work inspired by systems and grids are suitable for a variety of different uses in interiors and aesthetics. ABOUT THE EXHIBITION An exclusive selection of the first twenty artworks in a series of one hundred by Western Australian fine artist Lene Makwana will be showcased at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai from 13th November to 19th November 2018. The “Construction” series by fine artist Lene Makwana is a reflection on the artists’ experiences being a Norwegian residing in Perth, Western Australia and with close ties to India. The theme “Construction” is developed from the artists’ exploration of grids and patterns as representations of social construct and identity, and the diptychs (two artworks combined together) address the falling “in between” in various cultures, making the theme of the exhibition relevant in many ways, one being the journey of an immigrant. The diptych is an attempt to introduce and activate the space between the actual artworks, addressing the space and given time where directions change in life. Lene is a mixed media artist working with paper collages, watercolour paintings and drawing, and she also works with combining digital and traditional tools and mediums. She works with both figurative and abstract art, exploring balance, directions and colours as reflections on personal and cultural identity. Lene is participating in the Festival of Australia in India 2018 – 2019 with a solo exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, being the only visual artist from Western Australia to showcase contemporary art from the state during the festival. Lene Makwana is a Western Australian based visual artist and designer from Norway and she is residing in Perth with her Indian born businessman husband. ABOUT THE FESTIVAL On 18 September 2018 Australia’s High Commissioner to India Her Excellency Ms. Harinder Sidhu, launched Australia Fest – a six month long celebration of Australian culture, involving over 75 events across 20 cities in India. ARTIST STATEMENT My art explores the diversity of self, created from living between three diverse cultures. I am Norwegian, and live in Australia with my Indian husband, and I have encountered many differences but also similarities between the cultures of these three countries and are inspired by how my sense of self has grown being a part of all of them. Being present within, but also being between cultures has given me an opportunity to embrace certain aspects of each whilst growing and enriching my own sense of self. I am fortunate to be able to speak from this perspective, and find that...
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Sandip Soparrkar making acting debut – I AM NOT PORNSTAR NAZAR SAMBHAL KE

It was an enthralling moment at, World Film Festival/Art world 4 Peace Award, Los Angeles when the Producer, Chanda Patel presented the poster of her film, “I am not a Porn Star Nazar Sambhal Ke” (…mind your gaze). The Extraordinary look and feel with extra ordinary title that says, “mind your gaze” actually attracted the entire eye ball at the foreign land and that too during the grand finale function of the event. The film has unique cast with Sandip Soparrkar playing the lead role along with new comers. The concept as brief by the producer, Chanda Patel who was unwilling to ‘speak all’ but yet informed that, “the film is about youth and it is about the transition that a relationship goes through and about verity of age group going through a transition.”   It was all glee on the face of Sandip Soparrkar, who stated that, “as my first film in a prominent role it was difficult to choose this film as the ‘one film’ where I could try my knack for acting but, not only by the title that he was mesmerised but the way the script takes the journey in the heart of the heart and play in the greys that we go through while in a relationship.” “The life cycle of a movie usually ends on Monday after it comes out, to a producer like us working in a film industry it’s all a dream, but when your title and poster makes all inquisitive about your film it is surely a work is half done if the start is good,” said Chanda Patel who was instantaneously at the centre of attraction at the film festival. Written and to be directed by, Jainendra Baxi said that, “a film having a clarity about promotion and business in contemporary time and prevailing pattern in the movie business the posters is the first introduction other than anything.” Jainendra Baxi goes on to allude about the concept of the film, “at a certain point, it’s actually splitting hairs when you serve a motion picture story about relationship since everyone has a point of view to look at, others. But not to forget that, if we can forgive ourselves why cannot we forgive other?” To ingest movies in a different way today, this is one film that is not only different with the title but successfully positioned itself at a plethora to catch the eye ball. The shooting of the film starts in December and to be released in the mid of next year all over the world. ——–Pigeon Media(Abhishek Dubey...
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Malaysia-based Orange County Sdn Bhd Joins The Fourth Edition Of Indywood Film Carnival

As the film fraternity prepares for yet another edition of Indywood Film Carnival, the movie extravaganza, we now have Malaysia- based Orange County Sdn Bhd , signing up with Indywood for a healthy sponsorship of the Investors’ Meet. Through this unique sponsorship, Orange County, the Global New-Age Technology & Media Company is making its entry to Indian movie industry. The N-Face® Facial Motion Animation Technology, which is being considered as one of the finest technology, is able to Photo-Realistically bring back any Deceased Actor Live on screen. Further, the company has devised numerous workflows for production & VFX pipelines employing State of the Art Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies & the latest advents of engineering to credibly reduce the gestation involved in Producing Feature Films. Being a part of Indywood Film Carnival, Orange County would associate with various productions in the near future.   Besides, this alliance would open up enormous opportunities in the Multimedia and Animation sector. The specialized team of multimedia experts can create market-specific creative multimedia training courses to cater the latest technologies to the exploding market. The Hollywood-grade advanced Visual Effects techniques will form the crux of these various courses being developed to enrich potential students to jump straight into professional Creative Multimedia Production ranging from Commercials to Feature Film content. The event would also witness the official launch of the Teaser from Orange County’s upcoming movie which is the Photo-Realistic Digital Re-creation of MGR in a full-length Feature Film. Orange County would also be honoured on the dias with an Award in the Best Innovation Category in Indywood Film Carnival. Orange County Sdn Bhd Orange County Sdn Bhd is a Global New- Age Technology & Media Company which has mustered the nuances of Film-Making from Concept till the rollout of Final Deliverables. The Company has embarked on a World’s 1st Showcase in Producing an International Feature Film earmarked for Global Release centered on the end to end Photo-Realistic Digital Re-creation of a Deceased Actor. The Company has created a leading- edge Solution in digitially creating & personalising the character attributes of any chosen Actor to take on a Photo-Realistic Digital Avatar in Motion...
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Laxman Singh Rajput’s New Film Chal E Shatranj Schedule To Be Shot In Rajasthan

राजस्थान में होगी लक्ष्मण सिंह राजपूत की अगली फिल्म चाल ए शतरंज की शूटिंग कीप सेफ डिस्टेंस ,ठाकरे और कई टीवी सीरियल्स में काम करने के बाद लक्ष्मण सिंह राजपूत ने अब अपने ही देवनारायण प्रोडक्शन बैनर तले फिल्म “चाल ए शतरंज “का ऐलान कर दिया है लक्ष्मण सिंह राजपूत ने बताया कि यह फिल्म स्टूडेंट यूनियन इलेक्शन पर आधारित है फिल्म में छात्र राजनीति से लेकर वास्तविक राजनीति में उसके प्रभावों को बताया गया है राजपूत ने बताया कि इस मूवी में सस्पेंस के साथ साथ कॉमेडी और सामाजिक संदेश पर भी ध्यान दिया गया है फिल्म राजस्थान मैं शूटिंग करने की वजह इस फिल्म की कहानी को बताया जा रहा है लक्ष्मण ने बताया कि यह मूवी कहीं ना कहीं अनुराग कश्यप की फिल्म गुलाल से प्रेरित है राजस्थान के जयपुर, भरतपुर में कुछ लोकेशन फाइनल कर ली गई है यह फिल्म इसी साल दिसंबर के आखिरी दिनों में सेट पर जा रही है इस फिल्म की स्क्रिप्ट पर लगभग काम पूरा हो चुका है कुछ आर्टिस्ट को फाइनल कर लिया गया है जिनमें लक्ष्मण राजपूत ,विष्णु शर्मा, प्रदीप काबरा ,अभिषेक खन्ना हैं इनके अलावा किरण कुमार ,शाहबाज खान, राइमा सेन और सियाजी शिंदे से बातचीत चल रही है हालांकि इस फिल्म को 2 साल पहले ही लक्ष्मण ने फाइनल कर लिया था परंतु उनकी फिल्म कीप सेफ डिस्टेंस के पूरा होने के बाद ही उन्होंने इस फिल्म को अंजाम देना सही समझा लक्ष्मण ने बताया कि यह फिल्म युवाओं पर आधारित है लेकिन उनका दावा है कि शतरंज न केवल युवाओं को बल्कि हर वर्ग के लोगों को बहुत पसंद...
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