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मलाड पूर्व में  पहली बार वाकेथन का आयोजन किया गया जहाँ भारी तादात में लोगों ने हिस्सा लिया। जिसमे सबसे पहले सभी को योगा सेसन दिया गया व् वंदे मातरम के गान के बाद डॉ अनील काशी मुरारका ने  वाकेथन प्रारम्भ कराई जिसमें सभी उम्र वर्ग के लोग शामिल हुए, खास बात यह है कि सुबह 4 बज़े उठकर लोग इस कार्यकर्म और स्वास्थ्य के प्रति जागरूक होने का मिशाल कायम कर दिया। फिर बच्चे क्या जवान सभी के चेहरे पर  काफ़ी उत्साह देखने को मिला और हर वर्ष इस कार्यकर्म को जारी रखने की मांग की गयी, सुरक्षा व्यवस्था का भी ख़ास इंतज़ाम किया गया था।एम्पल मिशन का विशेष सहयोग देखने को मिला एम्पल मिशन के कई कार्य कर्ता आये हुए प्रतिभागियों के सेवा और सहयोग करते नज़र आये आपको बतादें एम्पल मिशन स्वास्थ, शिक्षा, सीनियर सिटीजन सहित तमान समाज मे जरूरी कामो को करते हुए अपनी अलग पहचान बनाई है।    डॉ अनिल काशी मुरारका और आये हुए फिल्मी सितारों ने विजेताओं को सम्मानित किया । तक़रीबन 2 माह से इस वाकेथन की तैयारी चल रही थी और इसमें डॉक्टर सिद्धार्थ हरिटवाल और उनके साथियों का पूरा योगदान था – जिसका आज समापन किया गया। जिसमें SS गुप्ता, रतन सिंघानिया, संजय बापत, एम्पल मिशन के चेयरमैन डॉ अनिल काशी मुरारका, ब्रम्हा कुमारी – कुंती बहन, चितरंजन, डॉ कैलाश शर्मा, राम विलास महेश्वरी, LR जाजू मौजूद रहे, यही नहीं इस कार्यक्रम का हिस्सा बनने के लिए सेना के जवान व् कई नामी  फ़िल्मी हस्तियां भी शामिल हुईं।...
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NASM’s Yuva Premier League – Mumbai’s biggest Inter-Collegiate Sports Fest

National Academy of Sports Management (NASM), conducted the Annual Intercollegiate Sports Festival Yuva Premier League (YPL) – conceptualised and managed by students of NASM. This first edition of the sports extravaganza was a huge success. The event was scheduled over a period of two days during 21st & 22nd November 2018, at Poinsur Gymkhana, Mumbai. Over 430 participants from 40 different colleges around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai participated in this event to take home a shiny trophy and a handsome cash award in the five games the institute had to offer, namely, Rink Football, Box Cricket, Kabaddi, Athletics and Volleyball. The event was inaugurated by three time World champion & two time Asia Champion – Miss Disha Nidre – International Rhythmic Gymnast, Mr Karunakar Shetty, Vice President of Poinsur Gymkhana and the Special Olympics Committee (Bharat, Maharashtra). R.A.Podar, Sydenham, Thakur, R.D.National, Government Law College, Narsee Monjee, Mumbai University , Elphinstone College  are some of the colleges that participated with zeal and enthusiasm. The students organising committee of YPL said “ It is a great platform for us to organise our very own sports fest!! We got to learn lot the nitty gritties of sports management – planning, organizing, teamwork, problem solving and sportsmanship.” The award ceremony was facilitated by the presence of Mr Vipul Solanki & Mr Vinit Rughani, Directors, NASM and sponsors Kolicko Enterprises. On behalf of the entire National Academy group, Mr. Solanki expressed his pleasure to see the involvement of teams of various colleges and also applauded the efforts initiated by the students of NASM to organise this event. M.D.Shah Mahila College Girls team emerged as winners in Kabaddi, Volleybal & Box Cricket. Maniben Nanavati College girls team claimed the winning title in Rink Football . Joshi Bedekar College, Siddharth College and NSS College boys teams won in Kabbadi, Rink Football & Box Cricket respectively. While Mumbai University Post Graduation were the winners in Volleyball for boys category. Lots of spectacular memories created, moments captured, emotions felt & in the spirit of sportsmanship the festival ended on a high. NASM YPL team is looking forward to make this platform filled with more sports & opportunities for students of various colleges. ————-Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey...
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Actor Saqib Saleem Qureshi, Test cricketer  Wasim Jaffer unveil the UCB SEASON 3 Trophy Tuesday evening witnessed the Grand Inauguration of UCB’s (United Cricket Bash) 3rd edition by the youth icon, cricket enthusiast and Bollywood actor Saqib Saleem Qureshi whose upcoming film Race 3 is eagerly awaited by his fans. This was followed by dazzling dance performance that entertained the audience. United Cricket Bash is organized by Karan Tandon, Akbar Khan, Mustakeen Shaikh, Wahab Barudgar of Ball Park Entertainment. Vaseem Shaikh of 7 Star who also is a partner in UCB is telecasting live matches on their network and Wasib G Peshimam of Al Samit International is the sponsor & partner of UCB.   Saqib thanked the promoters of UCB and in particular Test cricketer Wasim Jaffer for being present at the event that unleashed under-arm cricket in such a big way. Karan Tandon the promoter of UCB welcomed the new team owners of UCB 3 and wished them all the luck for the tournament and pledged for the tournament to be played in the right spirit of the game. Saqib mentioned, “I have also played cricket at state level in Jammu which most of my fans are unaware,” wishing all the teams best of luck. Amidst laughter he mentioned in lighter vein that he would have loved to play all the matches after looking at the Motorbikes on display which are to be given to the best players of the tournament. Unveiling the trophy of the United Cricket Bash 3 along with Saqib Saleem, Wasim Jaffer mentioned, “I didn’t know that underarm cricket can go so big. I am proud to be at the UCB inauguration.” UCB is an underarm cricket tournament that is being played on week days Tuesdays to Fridays beginning 11 April to 14 May 2018. The tournament is presented by 7 Stars, powered by Rise and Raise Foundation and co-sponsored by San Disk. Pr handeld by Shaaz Media Entertainment- Naghma...
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Indian version of T10 Cricket League powered by Heera Group launched at Indywood Film Carnival

The first ever T10 International League was launched by the influential and leading woman entrepreneur Nowhera Shaikh, CEO and Managing Director of multinational conglomerate Heera Group. Heera Group is the Title Sponsor and the T10 league is now named as Heera T10 League 10 billion US dollar Project Indywood to promote sports entertainment in a big way. The T10 league to be held in Sharjah from Dec 14 to 17 is a 90 minutes format of 10 overs Hyderabad (04.12.2017): The grand Indian launch ceremony of the first ever T10 Cricket league was held at the third edition of Indywood Film Carnival 2017 at Princess Hall, Ramoji Film City. Multinational conglomerate Heera Group hosted the Indian version of T10 Cricket League as part of the global branding of cricket’s new format.    Indywood Founder Director Sohan Roy emphasized that it is Indywood’s vision to screen games like cricket on movie screens and T-10 format is the ideal one to begin with.  Sports entertainment industry is growing at a fast pace in India and one of our main objectives is to brand Hyderabad as the hub of sports entertainment. By blending the potential of entertainment and sports wonders can be created. It will generate more revenue to the state and job opportunities to youngsters,” he said. The four-day T10 cricket will begin on 14th December at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Big hitters like Shahid Afridi of Pakistan, India’s Virender Sehwag, Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara and England’s Eoin Morgan feature in T-10 league. The league Title Sponsored by the Heera Group consists of Bengal Tigers, Kerala Kings, Maratha Arabians, Pakhtoons and Punjabi Legends, with Team Sri Lankan completing the set. More than 100 plus prominent media including The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Forbes etc covered the prestigious Indian launch of T10 cricket league. The T10 launch was attended by the man who introduced this innovative concept and brought this to the international level billionaire businessman Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk along with team owners Rizwan Sajan, Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk and league directors Syed Sami and Vijay Vyas. The President and partner of the league is Salman Iqbal who is another powerful businessman in the Middle East who runs the massive ARY group stated “We thank Heera Group for coming on board as Title Sponsors and excited at the grand launch of the league in India.” For more details, please visit T10 League – Indywood Film Carnival – Sohan Roy –...
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Grand Finale OF UCB SEASON 2 16 Top Teams participated to be Crowned Champion of Mumbai Turf Cricket

At the Grand Finale OF UCB SEASON 2, 16 Top Teams participated to be Crowned Champion of Mumbai Turf Cricket. Directors of UCB Mr Arif Chunawala Mr. Karan Tandon, Mr.Wahab Barudgar, Mr.Fahim Batliwala ,, Mr. Farooq Chunawala. Mr.Sameer Chunawala .. Mr Akbar khan    Are already gearing up for UCB-3 to be played in 2018 Special Guest for the evening Shri. Baba Siddique Ex-Minister or State and a Sports Enthusiast was present to grace the occasion along with the Title Sponsor of UCB-2 Chandak Group Director Mr.Aditya Chandak And also Mr. Wasib Peshimam owner of Al-Samit International Rated as the Best Underarm Night Turf Cricket Tournament in Mumbai, UCB has had 2 successful seasons where matches are live on You tube and 7 Star digital Along with meals from Eva hospitality . ————-Naghma Khan (Shaaz Media...
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