Aaria K’s New Song TERI HEER Going Viral Now Featuring Aaria K And Sushant Pujari (ABCD Fame)

“Teri Heer” in which Aaria k has been featuring With Bollywood Actor & Performer Sushant Pujari, and she is making everyone heart rolling into love on YouTube. Her song determines the immortality of love and Loyalty between the couples. Her Previous songs are already been crossed Million views on YouTube Channel Seven Unique Records,

Seven Unique Films Pvt. Ltd. has brought this song to the world and Sushant Pujari has put cherry on the Cake to this song by featuring in the song and Paraag Chaudhary & Prayas Choudhary, has Directed this beautiful Video,  Music is given by gaurav and Sandeep, Sung by Sandeep Jaiswal.

Written by Sanjeev Shrivastava This is Romantically Sad Love Songs which express feelings of one individual to other . Music  video is beautifully done and Both Aaria & Sushant have performed extremely well people will definitely love their performance in This song .

Aaria K is equipped with 440K+ followers, she is a Indian film actress, model artist, theatre artist, YouTuber, Influencer, Model, and Fashion Blogger, etc. Love by people towards Aaria K has made her song superhit too soon as she is ruling over many people’s heart with her amazing acting. The Blasting reactions of people to her song shows that she never disappoints her fans.  she is ambitious and hardworking. Moreover, her charismatic personality have been seen in films and video songs…

VIP Guests

Sidharth Kashyap SK Music

Shakeel Azami Famous Bollywood Lyrics Writer

Sadashiv Joshi Performed As Doctor in music video

Panchhi Jalonvi Owner of Music Company Audio Curry

Rajeev Sinha Director Monkeys At Work

Sanjeev Tyagi Famous

Writer & Director

Rajesh Sharma

This  beautiful  event  was supported  and  managed  by Dreambirds Entertainment Sunny Agarwal …..


Aaria K’s New Song TERI HEER  Going Viral Now Featuring  Aaria K And Sushant Pujari (ABCD Fame)

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