Rakhi Singh Welknown Star Of TV Serials Wishes To Win Title Of Miss-Mrs. Diva Of India International Season 4

Littleknown Facts About Welknown Rakhi Singh

Early Life:

My name is Rakhi Singh and I am from Bhilai, a city in the district Chhattisgarh. In my childhood I wan an ordinary girl who had a great passion for dance. Also, with my talent in acting, I became an actress in the Chhollywood industry. I am a hardworking woman. Well, it is true that I am not good at speaking English, but my words will heat everyone’s heart out. After I got married in 2003, God blessed me with two children, and today I am a single mother who happily works for the welfare of her family.


Career fluctuations:

I started my career with a small debut serial, “Surdas K Lathi” which was telecast on Hindi channel, “Doordarshan.” Later, I also got many offers for video albums for songs, that I pursued. Slowly and slowly I stepped on the ladder of my career. Some of the best acting projects done by me are Kaka, Mayaru Babu, and Nachkarin. I played lead roles in all these films.

Along with these, I worked on various side roles in songs which include “Bhola Aur Shankar,” “Maya K Chhane,” “Raja Bhaiya,” and much more. Last year, I was offered a Bhojpuri film named Nirahuaa Hindustani 3 that scripted me in a negative role. In the future, I am looking forward to working for the Hindi Film Industry- Bollywood.

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