International Showcase At The 8th Global Fashion And Design Week In Noida Surpasses Expectations

Noida, India — Setting a new benchmark, the 8th Global Fashion and Design Week hosted in Noida emerged as the largest event of its kind organized by an educational institution on a global scale. Over three days, the festival captivated an international audience with groundbreaking fashion and furniture designs, spearheaded by Festival President Sandeep Marwah, also the head of Marwah Studios.

The event was orchestrated by the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry alongside AAFT School of Fashion and Design, AAFT School of Interior Design, and AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism, drawing creative talents from 72 nations to partake in a celebration of diverse cultural artistry.

The festival featured a dynamic schedule of 90 runway shows with 200 designers unveiling more than 550 distinct garments. It also included four specialized exhibitions showcasing coffee table books, traditional Indian Suits & Sarees, a Photography Exhibition, and an array of 100 innovative furniture designs. Culinary arts were prominently featured with 9 food exhibitions representing the gastronomy of 20 countries, meticulously prepared by 700 experts over the course of three months. 

Drawing an impressive attendance of 23,000 people, the event was a gathering place for 250 esteemed personalities from the realms of fashion and design, including 20 Ambassadors and High Commissioners, thereby enriching the international appeal. The presence of a marching band from AAFT added a regal ambiance to the proceedings, which were broadcasted by 500 media outlets globally. 

Daily updates were provided by the AAFT School of Journalism, supported by 100 volunteers from AAFT School of PR Events and Advertising, 100 digital media specialists from AAFT School of Digital Marketing, and 100 photographers from AAFT School of Still Photography. 

The event’s success was further highlighted by the applause and commendations from 72 participating countries, celebrating the festival’s ability to integrate and exhibit distinctive cultural attire alongside national flags in a grand runway presentation.


The inaugural session was notably attended by H.E. Dambajavyn Ganbold, Ambassador of Mongolia, Cdr. K.L. Ganju, Honorary Consul General of Comoros in India, renowned designer Rina Dhaka, and Ruby Yadav, Cultural Head of the BJP Wing. Their presence was supported by the World Peace Development and Research Foundation, promoting a message of love, peace, and unity through art and culture, a core principle of Marwah Studios.


International Showcase At The 8th Global Fashion And Design Week In Noida Surpasses Expectations

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