Juxtaposing Past And Present To Build A Dream Future

“A Real Building Is One On Which The Eye Can Light And Stay Lit.”- Ezra Pound
If our past helps strengthen our future and our heritage makes us unique, you must meet Dr Navneet Kapoor, the multi-talented engineer, developer & an art connoisseur (don’t forget he holds a coveted PhD in brand management  and communication from the international organisation UNESCO attached to the United Nations) who has proudly acquired & restored to its pristine glory, a heritage marvel, a Portuguese villa in Anjuna Goa, a 130-years old (yes, you have heard it right) property called Vivendz De Anjuna. Located in the heart of Anjuna within 500 meters of the beach coastline.
As is said, ‘Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness,’ if you love tropical sunsets, open skies and green field, this is the place which you may have been yarning or fantasising for years but didn’t know whom to ask and where to search for!
The villa is a plush 3-room structure in the heart of Goa. Pop into the upper deck and hear the waves by the coastline. The living area is equipped with heritage wonders like a 100 years old trunk, a classic record player, a retro wire telephone and so much more!
With a private pool and a mesmerising sunset and field view the villa has an open concept living area. High ceilings exude a ventilated feel. The living room is equipped with an air conditioner and Wi-Fi enable TV along with an open kitchen and dining table for 4 guests.
The master bed room is located on the right side of the ground floor. It is equipped with a nice comfortable bed. A double bed with headboard with bedside tables, lamps/lights, a wardrobe, a seating area and a bathtub in the washroom. Shower gel, shampoo, hand wash, bath towels, hand towels and washroom tissues roll are provided as well like a 5-star hotel The other two rooms have the same classic heritage feeling.
Well, want to pop out into the upper deck, have a drink and soak in the beautiful view of the romantic sunset and the pleasing green fields that Goa has to offer, don’t think twice, just usher into your dream place, rest is to be cherished long after you own this pride place !
As Dr Kapoor elucidates succinctly, “For over 22 years, our company Square Dreams group has been serving luxury in a redefined bravura. Over the years we have built trust with excellent workmanship among our clients. Each of the luxury villas in North Goa which we are building besides Vivenda De Anjuna, have been conceptualised keeping a very unique style in mind making sure that every day is filled with nothing but comfort and exhilaration. Living here would be no less than living in your own private paradise which is designed as per your palate and premier quality.”
“When we build premium villas in Goa, we want it to be unique, special. If you’re looking to buy luxury villas in Goa, you’re probably looking for bright, light-filled spaces which give you a feeling of ease as you walk in. We select locations that are private, peaceful and away from all the tourist frenzy,” added Dr Kapoor.
No wonder, Goa at Vivenda De Aqua has villas with reflection of pure luxury and much more!
And trust the person behind the design excellence, the inimitable man with an indefatigable mission Dr Navneet Kapoor  who believes in creating beautiful spaces by bringing back the passion, design and inspirations from history..


Juxtaposing Past And Present To Build A Dream Future

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