Heartiest Congratulations to Angel Tetarbe for being  Crowned As  “MISS GLAMOURFACE WORLD 2022-AMBASSADOR  QUEEN” In Berlin this Oct.

I feel very blessed to have such a Beautiful Crown in my life.

Its Goddess Mumbadevi maa n lord Shiva blessings to me.”-Angel. Waheguru Blessings.

Thankful and Grateful to the Germany Organisation Miss Glamourfaces World de. CEO Owner n Founder Mr Guenter Weig. He is such an amazing person, good heart and kind.

Thank you for choosing the  best beautiful girls from each country and giving them International platform to show case their Talent N Beauty in Germany.

Thankful to Mr Ayub Khan E4U Enterprise Owner in Mumbai ( India ) For his contribution towards Miss E4U Glamourfaces World India Beauty Pageant.

He is coming up with Collaboration Wd Mr Guenter Weig for  “Miss E4U Glamourface World “Beauty Pageant.. next year in Mumbai-India ,Dubai & Thailand .

Congratulations to Both of you and  I wish All The Best .

Thank u to National Director, & Film maker  Mr Sunil Babbar for supporting Glamourfaces World India Beauty Pagent  in India , for his best efforts to make the event great n successful and  his contribution in the journey towards my goal.

Thank u Mr Mukesh Kaneri  President  of – ASIAN LIFESTYLE FASHION AWARDS ,

Where  I received “FASHON STYLE ICON &PERFORMER of the Year” 2019″ in Goa .

Angel Tetarbe lives in New York and recently received  “INTERNATIONAL PEACE  AMBASSADOR ” Award in 2021″

Angel is from Small town of Ranchi from India then shifted to mumbai many years back with her parents, where  in Mumbai she won the Crown as   “Miss GLAMOURFACE  WORLD  INDIA”  2017″ and as a  winner, she represented country India in Germany ,BERLIN  in 2018″  and got INDIA win in the WORLD for  “BEST  NATIONAL COSTUME”

She also recieved  “WORLD PEACE MESSENGER AWARD ” In Los Angeles in 2019″

She made a long journey from Ranchi to USA.. and travelled many countries like london,Germany ,Dubai ,Los Angeles ,New york  for her contest n holidays…    and now she   lives in New york with many national and International Awards n Beauty  Crown in her kitty.

“Very Thankful to Dr SWATI VIJAY KULKARNI, without her support wouldnt have been possible to  reach Germany on time for my  finale to represent my country India in Berlin “.

“In 2018 ,March  she got done my Schwengen visa in just 3 days granted.

Right now she is Posted in Atlanta in USA.

Thank u dear so much.Hope to meet u soon to  Thank u personally.”

Thank u so much to my lovely parents for supporting me always.

“THANK U my  Dad ASHOK KUMAR TETARBE as you  always gave me the confidence to face this World bravely and give your best n be helping to others .”

“THANK U my  mom JYOTSNA BALA  TETARBE am so greatful to you for all you have done for me and  being my strong pillar of my  life. Love u mom so muchh.

U always taught me to stay grounded n respectful to others n being human is the most important quality of the human being.”

Thank u to my sweet sis HONEY  TITARBE  for always being so nice and helping to me at every step of my life.”


I must say We Should Spread  PEACE  LOVE  n HAPPINESS  in this World.

Life is a Beautiful godgift and we live only once. Live it to the fullest .

Be helping to each other as much as possible. Be kind n nice to everyone.”

And for me Every girl with a beautiful heart is  Winner.

Thank u my near and dear family and friends .

“I Salute to all the soldeirs at the border of India who  sacrifice their life n protect our country people.”

“I Salute To all the Police Department, MTA and Doctors & associates of USA.. for being there always so nice n caring towards every human being.”

Join Hands With me For Mission World  Peace.

Namaste India

Namaste America.

God bless this World.


Angel Tetarbe Crowned As MISS GLAMOURFACE WORLD 2022 -AMBASSADOR  QUEEN In Germany

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