Classic colouring of Three through THRAYAM curated by Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra at Experimental Theatre NCPA

Dance when presented as an experience is amazing in its ability to draw the viewer through the power of intention and suggestion to  define a theme and bring it to life.   When presented with depth, classical dance becomes the umbilical cord which connects us,  not only  with our inner selves but also the world for which dance should transform to a one to one experience .

The unique festival Thrayam at the NCPA Mumbai, on July2’2022 was an other worldly  experience for all who witnessed t ar the Experimental Theatre.  The  housefull theatre applauded abd  cheered the imaginative  Curator  Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra as she stepped onto the stage to reach out with highlighting   the romance if the number three through seasoned and exemplary artists.

The anticipation of the crowd was obvious  as they listened intently to   her  introduction to an Ode unto the poetry of  Three,  through the bridging metaphor – Dance!  She awakened people to the Tri- particle nature of  all existence as heaven, earth, water and in the human as body, spirit and soul . The two hours that followed was a journey into the very  pulse of three .

Legendary Guru Smt   Vyjayanthi Kashi,  the  reputed kuchipudi exponen and a  celebrated performer and choreographer; the artistic director of a dance school Shambhavi School of Dance ,  explored three through  Triguna . Three attributes of Sathva ,rajasik and tamas  through the mystery that is the woman  .- Sharmishte

Who is she ?  She raised  questions  to explore with purposive intent,   endorsing her  years of experience  steering the way for the   conclusions- “Wise is she who is Sattvik or ,petty is she as Tamasik   or rich  as in, Rajasik”.

There is always an element of spirituality and philosophy that seeps through each production of this consummate artist  that has her dancibg to  express more than  mpress Smt Jhelum Paranjape  renowned Odissi Exponent, Mentor, Choreographer  and founder of Smitalay  presented the flow of  the number three through the   three identities of Narmada.

Narmada the Goddess

Narmada the Mother

Narmada the  River

An artist with a unique vision  and a signature style that  etched Odissi in every movement ,  she  reached out with the eloquence of   three varied aspects of river Narmada.  Jhelum ‘s  independent thought process was reflected in her moving away from the traditional attire  of Odissi  to a unique and  more contemporary  aharya  in white  that gathered the kinesthetics of   her chosen style  beautifully endorsing that the sattvika soars beyond the tangible and visible. In fact  not once  did it  come in the  way of her   exploring of Thrayam.

Kalashri Lata Surendra, who is a  renowned, Bharata Natyam Exponent, Mentor, Choreographer, researcher, writer and also the  Curator &  Produce r o Thrayam   explored three with two pieces   choreographed and conceptualised by herself .  She commenced  with an   exploring of Vasuki -the snake coiled three times around the neck of Lord  Shiva representibg  the three forms of time — past, present and future — that we transit  through. An   Intricately choreographed piece set to Thisra Jathi Dhruva Thalam in 11 aksharas  ,she dedicated it to her Mentor,  the legendary Vidwan Kalaimamani Guru Shri T S Kadirvelu Pillai  in  order to commemorate her six decades of performing career , since her debut in  1962  .   She alsi  defined   the number three – through the effulgent form of Tribhangi Krishna, highlightibg  the truth of Radhamayi Krishna ,  as  kridhna  leaves Vrindavan  to reach out to the true purpose of his Incarnation . The synergy of  Technique  and emotion ; rhythm and bhava flowed through her  vibrant form ,  holding the audience spell bound . Be it the  impact of her feet echoing all around  executing the  dhruva thalam in Thisram  to drape  Vasuki in the symbolically structured  Alarippu  or  l her  heart wrenching portrayal of krishnathmika  Radha   transforming to Trubhangi Krishna,  , technique and emotion merged as a visual poetry  flowing through her  as she  awakened to the true purpose of Krishna’s incarnation  , choking  the hearts of all present .

An imaginative choreographer and an exemplary  Kathak Exponent and Teacher Sanjukta Wagh  explored  Kaali –  the great mother who is an embodiment of time itself her magnificience, her ferocity and her deep love and compassion for all beings Inspired by her grand Guru Madhurita Sarang,, the song was a traditional kathak piece by Mahavirji  rearranged choreographed by Sanjukta Wagh herself  with her  fellow musicians Hitesh Dhutia on the guitars, Vinayak Netke on percussions and Radhika Sood Nayak on Vocals.  Priya Sarukkai Chhabria s  evocative poem on the mother goddess and her symbolism tied up the soul connect and the relationship between the divine and blessed, the poet and muse, the artist and the audience.

An absolutely consummate artist with a vision she truly transformed to the dark energy, the passion, the raw feminine who  was as merciless as merciful.

The absorbing pathways unfolding ,  soon  gathered its climax in the imaginative choreography  of Smt Manisha Jeet   that  defined the journey of the genderless  intangible through three genders.

“सा, तत्,सः The team headed by  Smt Manisha Jeet,   enthralled the audience with the magic of सा-Stree, तत्- Shikhandi & सः- Kal bhairav.  The energised execution of the artists  with beautifully co-ordinated movements   and uttered  vachika  defined the finale with aplomb.  The true climax however was when the spontaneous curator Lata Surendra had all the audience clap to thisra in three layas and changing gatis  as a tribute  to Three.

What a great evening gathering the poetry of the number three,  through the   three elements of Nritta, Nritya and Natya.

In the words of  the curator of  the show  Kalashri Smt Lata Surendra: : ” Post witnessing Thrayam  ,  the number  ‘Three’  would have  transformed to more than a number!  In the tri- particle nature of the universe three would  reign as the perfect number gathering the pulse of the universe through each of its symbolic definitions in the sacred symmetry  that embodies all life  She thanked her sponsors the Union Bank of India and Mahindra Finance fir their support in reaching out with the divinity of three.

Classical colouring of  Three – THRAYAM at NCPA , Experimental Theatre,Mumbai  curated by  Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra

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