Semi abstract artist Sangeeta Babani’s Exhibition FAIRY TALES at Jehangir Art Gallery paints a bright picture of the bustling world

When- 8th March, Inauguration from  6.30 pm onwards, exhibition from 8th march to 14 th March

Where- Jehangir Art Gallery, 161B, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001.

Entry- Free

Sangeeta Babani has become a well-known name in the abstract and realism art world. Raised in Spain, this artist’s musings veer from figurative to semi-abstract depiction, surrealism to semi-realism, as the mood takes her. Babani was amongst the first to paint on cars as she does not believe in limiting her canvases only to a white paper frame. She worked with Tata Motors, BMW, Jeep and Mercedes Benz. She has held numerous exhibitions in India and displayed her work in London, Paris and Dubai and showcased an 18 feet Installation called The Lost Art. The accomplished Artist was awarded for her Contemporary work in Paris (France) in 2017.

Celebrating life’s day-to-day occurrences, culture, cities, intersections of places and time, she conjures up memories, thoughts, opinions, stories that inspire her to step into another world of colour, canvas, rhythmic strokes and storytelling.

Babani recently launched an exhibition titled ‘Fairy Tales’ at Jehangir Art Gallery showcasing different cities around the globe manifested in bright and vibrant colours. With the theme ‘Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale’, the artist aimed at creating a mood of happiness and calm.

Sangeeta Babani says, “I create landscapes and urban settings in a surreal and fairy-like manner. The images are from my visits to many lovely areas of the globe and I manifest the image with an infusion of bold and vibrant colours to create a mood of happiness and calm. I try to paint happiness because I believe art should leave a viewer with a positive feeling. My Art is all about celebrating daily life, appreciation for different cities and culture, they are expressions of scenes I thought were beautiful, intersections of places and time that I experienced and a desire to create a better World and it convinces people to enter in this new World. Through my paintings, I want to convey the message of enjoying the journey, as that’s the secret to our brief transit in the world.”


Semi abstract artist Sangeeta Babani’s Exhibition  FAIRY TALES  at Jehangir Art Gallery paints a bright picture of the bustling world

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