Nikkita Ghag – A Wild Card Entry Of Renowned Fashion Model In Bollywood

Nikkita Ghag a known fashion model who has over 42k + followers on Instagram is now entering into the film industry for her upcoming projects.  She is soon producing a music album and a movie. She is now entering as an actress into the film industry. Her fascinating look and fashionable attires have always attracted her followers and audience.

She is not only a model and actress but also a social worker and she is always involved in multiple social activities going out there. She runs her own NGO named DAWA Dombivali Animal Welfare Association that helps street dogs and wildlife. Being an animal lover and extremely humble personality,

Nikkita says “I cannot see any animal suffering and will always fight for their rights” These unique thoughts of her and love towards animals made her establish an animal NGO where there are more than 100 people working under her.


A fashion model doing all these activities is a strange thing but yes, Nikkita is a doing unique and challenging work.

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