Akshita Sharma – Rushing Towards Film Industry Is Easy But Staying Is Difficult Especially For Girls

Akshita Sharma is one of the promising actresses in  Bollywood. When a lot of actors make their dreams and come to Mumbai to follow them and fulfil them Akshita is one of them born in Dehradun Uttrakhand Daughter of an artist now settled in UP Muzaffar Nagar so art rushes in the veins of Akshita. Akshita is now in Mumbai for 4 years to serve her dreams and make her way to Bollywood. Akshita has recently done Music videos that are shot in Kashmir releasing this season Globally.

When we asked Akshita about her experience as a female actress  in the industry she says

” well sir, the industry is good to work but it is difficult as well because of competition most often people have had too demanding who I meet, it feels like you have to fulfil their expectations sometimes it feels like you amass to do a lot of bold scenes, well it feels like they are not taking auditions but more something that senses uncomfortable, but now with time I have learnt a lot of things and I can get easily understand that base. Well for every girl industry is not susceptible as it looks for the outer side you have to face a lot of things especially when you are born in a typical Indian type family.

Tell us about upcoming projects

ok, so I recently had a vivid ordeal shooting in Kashmir for a few Punjabi music videos I’m excited for them because of such a beautiful location that people love, adequately sitting in Kashmir was a good experience as well and I will love to shoot more and more in Kashmir, not only locations but food, culture, nature all things attracted me so much, besides that, I have done my music videos covers songs few of them released and few of them about to release.

Would like to shoot bold as an actress?

OK, If it fits the script or demand then I can do it but not out of text when it is dropped unbalanced way.

Who is your favourite actor and actress?

earlier there were so many and kept changing with time but constantly adore Tiger Shroff and Imran Hashmi and as an actress Madhuri Dixit the legend

A message for those who want to pursue their carrier as actresses?

well in my struggle I have encountered a lot to be very frankly well I feel education to anyone is significant to get an education first it will groom you as a personality and a decent human being that will impart your respect towards art and culture, I feel every girl has a hidden actress inside just to prove their talent they crave a proper time and stage as well for this they need to meet good and genuine people those who can respect their talent and without any selfishness, they can up bring them artistically.

Girls in society are making proud of their work and one of the inspirational stories of Akshita is interesting.


We wish Akshita good luck for upcoming projects and wish you great success ahead.

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