Navin Agarwal Executive Director First Fiddle Demonstrates That Hard Work Is Enough For A Man To Turn His Maybes Into Reality

Navin Agarwal executive director First Fiddle demonstrates that hard work is enough for a man to turn his maybes into reality. The brain behind the high-profile, swanky restaurants- Lord of the Drinks, JLWA and Flying Saucer.
Restaurateurs are generally a likeable bunch-flamboyant, well-travelled and smooth-talking people and Navin, is no different. Starting out as the young entrepreneur, he is now the owner and brain behind few of the most famous places for Mumbai dwellers Lord of the Drinks, JLWA and Flying Saucer.
Anyone remotely interested in fine living and dining in India will have heard of Navin Agarwal. He has steadily led the gastronomic revolution that has swept the country. His restaurants in Mumbai are as beloved for their cuisine as for their indefinable aura of chic comfort and camaraderie.
Lord of the Drinks, JLWA and Flying Saucer are among the top hotspots that add just enough embellishments for a sliver of uniqueness while sticking to a formula that has made the location “the most talked about happening place” in town.
Lord of the Drinks, commonly known as LOTD, has become one of the most sought-after places in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru & Pune. It is home to the tastiest food and eccentric drinks. The vibe at Lord of the Drinks is distinctly antique, intimate and yet hopping.
Opened in 2019, The Flying Saucer boasts of a brilliant bar & kitchen with an indulgent menu of different global cuisine delights such as Persian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian and American. The interiors are a fusion of class and an old school wooden feel, while a beautiful and cozy rooftop seating area adds to the rustic charm.
JLWA: the name truly defines its glamour and nightlife within one of the most famous party hubs of Mumbai – Bandra. It has a huge space decorated with lots of bulb lights, large glass windows, a comfy couch and a very long bar counter with rustic golden walls. serves Modern Indian and European cuisine. Having a nicely curated menu, they serve both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options. Also, they have different varieties of cocktails and mocktails.
Navin Agarwal’s sterling reputation as an expert entrepreneur is matched only by the enormous warmth and goodwill his name generates among the country’s food-loving elite.

“It is nice to see people stepping out and our properties are buzzing ,all three places have a different feel ,mood and vibe and it has been encouraging to get a superb response from people and happy faces are sight of respite now ,we introducing new elements in food and cocktails  “ says Navin Agarwal.

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