Good Night Sohneya Song’s Teaser Released By Crafter Music Label & Neal Purohit Singer Enzo

Producer Neal Purohit releasing first music video “good night sohneya “ Composed and sung by famous punjabi composer/ Singer Enzo , featuring Enzo and charu Kashyap a well know model in bollywood for his own music label “ Crafter Music Label “ .

Coming From A Business Family and a very Small Village – Dantrai of Rajasthan Was a very big task for him to make it big in this entertainment industry . On initial Struggling Days of his career he worked as a casting director , then turned into line producer , Then he turned into Producer For Music Videos .. he has produced more then 15 songs . And coming up with the idea of producing music video for his own music label !

In a very short span of time Shri Neal purohit has made his presence felt in music industry by producing more than 15 songs which he will be releasing at regular intervals which were postponed due to Lockdown all over India in first and second wave.


As India has started to unlock all cities which were lockdown due to pandemic. He urges all people to maintain social distancing and wash hand regulaly even though unlock has began, but fight with corona is not still over.

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