MUMBAI: Abhik Bhanu, an Indian journalist by profession has ventured into cinema as writer-director and producer. Apart from short films and making Hindi feature film like: Sab Kuch Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi”, “A Dark Rainbow” and “Gun Pe Done”, he has also authored books like: “A Dark Rainbow”, “Stool Pigeon” and “Blind Faith”. “Honcho” is his fourth novel and has few more thrilling books in the pipeline of releases. “Honcho” has been published by a reputed American publishing company and is being made available all across the globe.

Highlighting about his book, Abhik Bhanu says, “Honcho” is a fictional book and is based on the terrorist story on Kashmir. It talks about Kashmir’s story told Post 370. Has terrorism vanished and peace and tranquility healed wounds of people? Has Kashmiri Pandits returned to their homes? What is the reality of Kashmir? Or, after the revocation of Article 370 in J&K, a deadly game of supremacy began.”

Highlighting about this book, Abhik Bhanu further adds, “The book enlightens the passion of a filmmaker and it took me as long as 15-years to pen this book. It’s nice for a movie script too.”  He further reveals that Honcho has been published by PageTurner Press and Media LLC, a California (Chula Vista) based publishing company which also promises to make a Hollywood movie based on the book.

From the book: “Do you know who the Honchos of these politicians are? The arms manufacturing companies of the world… They decide who lives and who dies. They! They are so powerful that they can destroy the world in seconds; if they decide to do so together. These companies do not have any country or religion. They only know money and power. The politicians obey these Honchos. They have money, they control the state. They help political parties to create issues; so that countries fight and they can sell their arms…… Where would they sell their arms if people don’t fight…..? ………… They need fighters and issues so that they can continue the war. They know they can win their seats in Assembly and Parliament just by keeping these issues alive.”

The author has dedicated the book to all the global film community. Speaking about this book about the book Abhik Bhanu says, “The subject on Kashmir has been touched with wit, humour and satire. The novel offers guts and conviction and on the other hand portrays friendship and love in any situation. The book has grey characters which believe in rules can be broken as and when required, or rather manipulate it as and when needed.”

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