Mital Morar honored with Independent Retailer Award in the Asian Trader Awards 2019

Ancoates General Store owner Mital Morar ownered with  Independent Retailer Award in  the Asian Trader Awards 2019. He has more than five stores situated in High St in UK. Behalf of this award, he reveals those things to achieve success

Mital Morar and his team made a single most profitable innovation to their store In under 4 years, Store Retail Group has grown to 4 stores in Manchester. Ancoats General Store being the flagship store.The store is located in an area with a heavy residential mix in modern apartments. The New Bailey Street store of Spinningfields has a busy passing traffic and commuting trade and opens till 2am to take advantage of the night time economy and taxi traffic.

He said that they team up with different street vendors. Retailers can get caught up with making their own food in store to increase their margin. They find it is better to focus on what they do well which is retail and make local partnerships. A long chipboard table stretches from the entrance to the coffee counter. Customers can enjoy a selection of drinks, from traditional choices like expressos and smoothies to cortados and charcoal lattes. The table encourages people to stay for longer and while they are there they are looking at what else they can buy.


Their key challenges are  discounters are certainly providing convenience shopping, because shoppers find they have a range and location that suits their needs, in smaller (under 15,000sq ft) formats.They are providing more opportunity to shop in general, and also have a strategy to reach out into new categories, so it is really important to remember that discounters continue to be a competitor to convenience.Online sales are also growing ahead of convenience, and the marketplace as a whole, at 8{2cb06f42ddc66cf70b5932cd822494d08be813b22fe747a0a6773f2305a2978c}. The opportunity for click and collect is particularly significant, because that is another reason not to visit the main part of the shop.” Online baskets remain consistently bigger than standard industry ones.

About The Asian Traders Awards

Every year, the awards gather the key players and stakeholders across the grocery sector to recognise and reward the cream of the crop from convenience retailing. On the evening, leading politicians mix with captains of industry to herald independent retailers, convenience store and symbol operators, shopkeepers, off-license owners and newsagents from across the UK.

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