Alok Shrivastava’s Hindi Film END Counter Releasing on 8th February 2019 All Over

Alok Shrivastava welknown producer director’s Hindi film END COUNTER is releasing on 8th Feb 2019 all over. The films trailer and songs are trending on social media. Music and trailer has been released by Zee Music Company.

Glimpses of Music Launch At Nashik


Cast N Crew


Banner- AJ Digital entertainment & Gold Coin Entertainment

Producers –Alok Shrivastava & Jatin Upadhyay

Starring  – Prashant Naraynan, Abhimanyu Singh, Anupam Shyam , Mrinmai Kolwalkar , Vrajesh Hirji, Eshaan Qureshi, Vijay Bharadwaj, Satyamvada Singh, Satyashil Naik , Ranjeet and  Udai Tikekar

Story , Screenplay , Dialogues & Direction – Alok Shrivastava

DOP – Ashok Jamuar

Music – Rahul Jain

Singers – Jointa Gandhi & Rahul Jain

Lyrics – Kunal Verma & Rahul Jain

Action – Darshan Singh Mahal

Art – Tushar Gupte

Background – Nikhil Kamath


All’s well that ends well is the basic line of thought behind the novel END COUNTER. Renu Sahay, a fiction novelist, her previous work includes a novel about Live in Relationship. She’s the author of the novel END COUNTER. She is herself into a Live in Relationship with Sameer Deshmukh, an encounter cop & it’s her own story.

Once Sameer was an honest cop, but his childhood friend Datta Salvi, corrupted him & Sameer lured by wealth & riches joined hands with him. Datta, a known offender in the police files has the hands of Vishambhar Dayal Sharma a.k.a Guru ji, a proclaimed spiritual Guru above him. Thus he’s protected. Guru ji himself is into various social activities. Honey, his lady love & his partner in crime helps Guru ji run his syndicate on the city.

But things change when Dutta’s girlfriend Anjana, a crime reporter finds out about Dutta’s vices. But on confronting him she’s met with insults & the rage of Dutta. Devastated she reaches out to Renu & tells her about Dutta & Sameer’s alliance. On confrontation Sameer assures Renu that he’ll stay away from all of this & Dutta himself.

While everything’s fine between Renu & Sameer, same cannot be said about Guru ji & Dutta. With ongoing police enquires there’s internal turmoil in their camp. But with the abduction & murder of Rahul, Renu’s ex-husband starts the blame game, Both Dutta and Sameer suspect each other unaware of the fact that it was all orchestrated by Guru ji &

Honey. But by the time the mystery is solved it is too late.

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