An event celebrating Body, Mind and Soul – TATVA Nurturing Thyself

LAJA presents TATVA – Nurturing Thyself opened to a warm, excited and heartening audience that had come from as far as Bhayander, Thane and New Bombay to participate in an event that is the first of its kind in Mumbai. A first where all aspects of Good Health – including Physical, Mental & Emotional, Self & Relationships and Entrepreneurship Growth were discussed, deliberated and debated. 

Health should not and cannot be limited to just Physical wellbeing. A well-toned body does not necessarily mean an emotionally satisfied being. With such a profound thought in mind, team LAJA kick started the event that truly celebrated HOLISTIC health.


With a wonderful lineup of distinguished Guests who lent their support, blessings and words of encouragement; TATVA – Nurturing Thyself was set into motion at 10 am. Chief Guests Ms. BiinduKhuraana, Numerologist and Pioneer in Numero-Vaastu Consultancy; Ms. ManishaSoni, Hatha Yoga Instructorand Physiotherapist and a Naval Wife; and Prof. Dr. Tandon Kamal, Director & Professor at Sasmira lit the lamp and prayed for the well-being of those present and the smooth running of the event. 



What followed is a wonderful mix of emotional and truly spirited speeches by the Guests of Honor including Ms. Ketki Mehta, AD Film Director & Brand Strategist; Ms. NabomitaMazumdar, Social Evangelist;  Ms. Pinky Rajgaria, Mrs. Asia Universe 2017 & Founder of Chingari Shakti Foundation; and Ms. NamrataThakker, Founder of Entrepreneur Excel who made time out for LAJA on a cold and lazy Sunday Morning.


The first Speaker, Happiness and Life Ms. AnshulVerma set the ball rolling with an activity-based session that had the participants on their feet and moving to her instructions. It was indeed a fresh and great star to a day that promised to have long and serious discussions.  


This was followed by an encouraging speech by DrBhaviMody, Founder of DrVrudhi Holistic Health Care Services explaining the relation between body and mind. A healthy body without a healthy mind and vice versa is not humanly possible and it is important to cater to and care for both.

The session on Emotional Sutras – Nurture your Mental and Emotional Self saw a serious and emotional panel discussion between Ms. Rachna Gupta, Happiness Coach; Mr. Biswajeet Bora, Film Maker; Mrs. LopamudraGogoi, Travel Columnist; Mr. RoshanMansukhani, Founder of a DJ and Music Academy and Ms. TanviMallya, Neuropsychologist. Among the various psychological disorders, Dementia was discussed in detail with Biswajeet Bora and LopamudraGogoi sharing stories of a real-life case. 


Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Dr. RiddhiShukla carried on the serious discussion with her talk on designer vaginas and the extent to which women go to keep up the false notion of beauty.She shared interesting case studies and statistics that are both frightening and startling.

This was followed by a session on Understanding Relationship Perspectives by Psychologist & Psychotherapist Ms. HvoviBhagwagar. A fit body and a fit mind are again of no use when the relationships are not healthy and sound. It is interesting to note how mind, body and soul all have to be in synch for life to be lived holistically and in happiness.

A lunch break provided a welcome relief from all the serious discussions and participants took the opportunity to mingle and visit the stalls at the venue. 

After a scrumptious and yummy meal, participants were brought back to reality and in synch with the event with a hilarious session titled Fun Elements for Life. 

Yoga Therapist & Naturopath, Shammi Gupta then brought the participants to the present with her session Life – The Yogasmic Way. This was a much-needed exercise post a filling lunch.

This was followed by another serious panel discussion, this time on physical health and Cancer. The panel included Dr. Swapnil Mane, Gynecologist &Oncosurgeon; Dr. Mamta Jain, MD of Mediwiz Healthcare Communications Pvt Ltd & Cancer Survivor and Dr. DeepanjaliArulkar, Radiation Oncologist. The panelists spoke about Cancer and it’s reach in India, effects on women especially – both as patients and as caretakers and finally aftercare and awareness. India is ranked 3rd highest in the number of cancer cases among women. Cancer among women in India is estimated at 0.7 million and reported real incidences are between 1 and 1.4 million per year as many cases go undiagnosed or unreported.

The discussion then moved on to self-growth with a wonderfully interactive panel discussion titled ‘Growing your boundaries – An Entrepreneur’s way’ where successful entrepreneurs shared their stories of triumphs and failures. The panelists included Ms. Shabia Walia, Founder Wild Earth; Mr. Bhavesh Kothari, Co-Founder Tapaswi Group Ventures; Ms. Teena Shah, Founder TEIZ and Mr. Neeraj Joshi, Founder Pushstart.


Finally, the much-awaited Felicitation Ceremony and Announcement of the Winner for the ‘Annual Mentorship Program by LAJA’ was conducted to much applause and congratulations. 

The event came to an end with a happy and fun filled activity by Happy Fit You. 

The entire team of LAJA including LAJA Founder Ms. RiddhiDoshi Patel has burnt the midnight oil to design, plan and execute this humongous event and are thankful to all the supporters for their love and encouragement.

Special commendations to Event host Mr. AbhishekBanerji, Theater Actor & Founder of The Skill Hub who skillfully, tactfully and with unmatched energy conducted the entire event.  Special thanks to the entire event sponsor – Rupeeboss, Woodpecker Media, Radio City and others.

TATVA – Nurturing Thyself was indeed a wonderful combination of body, mind and soul and Team LAJA promises to be back next year with a new topic.

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